Ed Watkins

I have always been facinated by science and nature and have spent most of my life studing the natural world. I hold an MA in Natural Sciences and an MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking.

I've been working and editing on factual shows and films for over a decade, for a wide range of clients including the BBC, BBC EARTH, PBS, NOVA, Science, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, CuriosityStream, Destination America, Nat Geo Wild, FIVE, The US Army, & Oxford University. I'm part of Abbey Gateway Productions, and work as a freelancer in both Bristol and London.

Most recently, I have worked on broadcast projects for the BBC, BBC EARTH, and Bigger Bang on shows for NOVA, Discovery, National Geographic, and with Grizzly Creek Films on the Nat Geo Wild series "America the Wild" ("Casey & Brutus: Grizzly Encounters" in the UK). 

I have diverse skillset and enjoy taking on new challenges. I am equally at home in the field or in front of an edit suite. I have a natural eye for composition when shooting, and a good ear for dialogue in the edit.

With my formal science background and natural artistic instincts I bring a unique perspective, and strong narrative understanding, to all the productions I work on.

I am often hired for my quirky development ideas, and my readiness to tackle any project no matter how unusual. In the last few years I have been inside a volcano, taken a trip around the universe with the smartest grandad alive, (digitally) crashed an air plane into a mountain, edited the first year of a baby black bear's life, shot over 100 interviews, and shown people how to start a tech business. I look forward to working with you on your next project.